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What started out as "party music" in the Bronx of New York City spread like wildfire throughout the entire U.S in the late 1970s and early 80's.   From deejays, dancers, MCs, graffiti artists, and beatboxers, Hip Hop music has not only changed "pop" music but it has also changed mainstream fashion, language, and culture in every part of modern society.

David "DJ" Lee has spent the last 17 years beatboxing in his indie band Scratch Track and as the solo artist Rockababyrock.  Using beatboxing, the fifth element of hip hop, DJ has crafted countless beats, grooves and songs to tell stories and communicate with audiences all over the world.

The influence of hip hop is undeniable.  How it got from the streets of New York City to the suburbs dui one of the most impressive accomplishments in the history of music. " . 

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02/19/20 12:00pm Oglesby, IL Illinois Valley Community College

DJ is available to speak on the history or rap and hip hop as well as provide music to go along with his presentation.

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