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Hailing from the birthplace of America’s music, Seth Power is a soulful singer-songwriter from the suburbs of Jackson, MS. With original music reminiscent of Ed Sheeran and John Mayer’s early catalog, Seth brings a unique feel to the blues pop and modern rock scene. He utilizes a loop station during his solo performances, which allows him to create layers of instrumentation, show off his lead guitar skills, and produce a larger sound than most are accustomed to when attending a one man show. 
Throughout college, Seth honed his talents as a performer by playing 4 and 5-hour sets for hundreds of people in downtown Starkville, home to Mississippi State University. His experience led him to open up for rock & roll great, Leon Russell, and land on festival bills with Grammy winners like Bobby Rush and Babyface. 
Seth’s latest album, Souvenir, came out in January 2020. Shortly afterwards, he went on a small tour of the Southeast to promote the album.   

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Johnny was great!! We loved it!He arrived on time!  He was great! So nice and worked with us on unloading and parking in the appropriate garage once we got him set up!  The students were swinging by on the patio enjoyed the show! They loved it! - Carly Rice, Coordinator for Campus Programs, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

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