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Edd Fairman
A performer since the ripe old age of 6, EDD FAIRMAN started his career in family and educational entertainment, Edd has honed his craft with 1000’s of performances and grown a dedicated following through his unique blend of interactive comedy and non-traditional magic for all ages that has allowed him to move comfortably into colleges and universities over the last few years.  In October, Edd was named the “Magician of the Year” from the Chicago Wizards Club. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre and trained in comedy writing at the world famous Second City Conservatory. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois with a wide assortment of animals, all of whom are friendly and none of which perform magic.  Beyond magic, Edd is a trained juggler and actor and has been seen on stage the Loop Theatre, the Chopin Theatre and the Side Project.

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Mike Opoku, Director of Student Activities, Inver Hills Community College - Inver Grove Heights, MN

Edd did a really nice job! In terms of working with me from my end, everything went great. He was very professional in everything he did and he clearly put in the extra time to make the show unique to our University.  As far as how the show went, everything was fine, and I thought Edd put on a good show. Certainly no complaints on my end. - John Guetter, Director of Student Activities, Briar Cliff University – Sioux City, IA

First off logistically, everything went very well with Edd Fairman's performance. He arrived ahead of time and the performance started promptly. There were no technical issues of any kind. He had some off time before the performance and used it to take an active role in recruiting people from around the building in order to expand the audience. These efforts proved to be successful and we were happy with the turnout. I also appreciated the time he took to review material to fit our audience. It was evident that he had taken time to prepare new material. The students responded well to his performance. Almost all acts incorporated the audience and this made the show very entertaining and engaging. Groups had fun watching their friends get stumped by Edd's mind reading techniques and the audience was particularly amazed with his number guessing trick which is revealed through his large number graph.  Juan Carlos Acevedo, Programming Coordinator, University of Illinois – Champaign, IL

Edd Fairman, Wizard of Sorts is a genuine comedian. He was warm, friendly and very interactive with crowds. Edd brought more than just the normal magic routine that we have had in the past; he added spunk and fun to the show. Edd was a natural entertainer who will liven up any college crowd. It truly was a pleasure having him perform for us. - Charlotte Davis, Student Activities Office, Mansfield University, PA

Edd did a great job! He did a good amount of research on both the area and Carthage in connecting jokes and tricks like using our founding year as a math-magical trick. The students responded well and he was very easy to work with. - Becky Windberg, Director of Student Activities, Carthage College – Kenosha, WI

Edd Fairman was a great choice, the students really liked the fact that he was also very funny. He was very helpful and nice, as a staff, I really liked working with him. he was awesome. Edd told me he was going to be here earlier to get people excited about the performance, he was right on time. he told me 6PM and he was here 6PM and totally exceeded our expectations & made it an awesome night! We are so happy and the students loved him!. It is a must have performance for all college campuses! - Alessandra Tavoloni, Director of Student Life, Brevard College, NC

Edd was great at our Student Leadership Gala! He was early, very flexible with some scheduling problems that came up that night, and enjoyable for the whole audience. He also made communication easy, especially with inclement weather that we were experiencing. You should hire him!  -Noah Lomax, Maranatha College

HAD A GREAT BID NIGHT WITH Edd Fairman, Wizard of Sorts! BUT THE BEST PART WAS SEEING OUR NEW MEMBERS' SMILING FACES! YAY; LOVE FOR ALL THE BABIESSSSSS!     -Veronica Nieves, Alpha Chi Omega, Northwestern University 

Brain Protection Plan
Learn the techniques of Psychics, Salesmen, and frauds
to be a better student, citizen, and person.  
Edd demonstrates how the art of social and psychological manipulation is used by politicians, thought leaders, and even your professors to get you to do what they want.  
Edd uses comedy, illusion, neuro-linguistic programming, and technology to show students how psychological influence and body language can be used for both positive and negative impact on yours and others’ lives.
Edd incorporates techniques used by television psychics, spin doctors, and con artists in fun, funny, and interactive demonstrations that will have participates laughing and learning.
Students will learn the art of smoothing difficult situations not only in school and social settings, but also in the work place.

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