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Hailing from Atlanta and shaped in the heart of Nashville, Dylan Taylor emerges as an Americana-infused indie rock sensation with a soul steeped in the Southern tradition. A masterful songwriter, she recently unveiled two riveting singles, "All American Anxiety" and "Suicide Mission," showcasing both bluesy undertones and soulful storytelling. Festival Peak Mag lauds Dylan for having "the heart of a poet and the power chords of an old-soul, New Age Janis Joplin." Her music, "loaded with gut instincts, laugh-riot vibes, and brute honesty," resonates with authenticity.
Beyond her musical prowess, Dylan is a multimedia artist, crafting visuals and album covers in her art studio. Collaborating with industry heavyweights like Kenny Vaughan, Joe Pisapia, Jason Smay, and Max Zemanovic, her tracks, produced by Frank Liddell and Robert S Field, echo with sincerity. Dylan's music has graced popular shows like "The L Word", "Today in Nashville" and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." Internationally recognized, she was featured in the Italian documentary "America. The Streets of Music" on Rai 2, solidifying her place as a dynamic force in both the American and international music scenes.

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