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ASHLEY COBB is a sex advice columnist, speaker, and HIV prevention specialist that is dedicated to teaching sharing, and equipping the young people of today with the strategies, methods, and tools they need to understand and participate in safe and healthy sexual activity.

There are certain individuals meant to help us find the truth about the world of pleasure, and Ashley, with her background in Public Health is one of them. Today, Ashley is a sex expert helping young adults seek ultimate pleasure and sexual liberation. She has two bachelor’s degrees; Biology and Health Promotion Education in addition to being a certified Sex Coach.

Ashley is known for her fun, down-to-earth practical sex advice and has been featured in various publications. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA where she works as an HIV Prevention Specialist.  Ashley is a former teacher turned sex expert helping young adults seek ultimate pleasure and sexual liberation.  She has an informal open and honest approach to serious conversations surrounding body autonomy, sexual freedom, and ethical sexual exploration.

10/17/23 12:30pm Ohio State University - Mansfield, OH
10/18/23 11:30am Ohio State University - Newark, OH

  1. SEXplained: a conversational presentation answering students questions about STD, safe sex and sexual exploration.
  1. No Glove, No Love: A safe sex workshop equips college students with the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to reduce their risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, and unplanned pregnancy.


  1. Let's Talk Consent: provide college students with the information, skills, and opportunity to understand consent. Through activities and discussion, we will bust myths about sexualized violence and gender, explore the concept of rape culture and learn about consent (what it is, why it’s required, how to practice it). 

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