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Shireen Amini

OneManJamz is a Virginia-bred singer, rapper, beatboxer and loop artist. Blending the solo style of Bobby McFerrin with the contemporary a cappella sounds of Pentatonix. My band consists of my voice making drum beats & bass grooves. Then I create harmonic layers on top before introducing my lyrics. My songs are genuine and human, discussing topics of love, loneliness, struggle and success. My covers try to take the listener to a different place than the original song would, either amping up the energy to tell a different story or chilling out for a more introspective, vulnerable vibe.

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Jeremy was fantastic! The weather was beautiful and it was a great start for what is yet to come.  He is always such a pleasure to work with, he was on time, prepared, and full of joy! It's always nice to have artists that are so clearly passionate about what they are doing as well as artists whom the students love so much.  - Jessica Rahill, Concerts Co-Chair, Centenary College of New Jersey, Hackettstown, NJ

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