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KILARA SEN is a Japanese female Stand-up Comedian and actor who moved to New York from Tokyo in June, 2022.  Kilara currently is hosting "Japanese Whisky World" on Dekanta TV. Her job is drinking whisky… yes, she’s a workaholic!  She also appeared on international TVs such as "Asia's Got Talent", “Paul Hollywood Eats Japan”, and “Welcome to the Railworld”.  Kilara is a non-binary, a "hikikomori" survivor, and had a wonderful year at a Historically Black College. Based on her experiences, she shares her funny and unique perspective. She introduces a new type of Japanese woman- the New Pink. 

Growing up in Japan, my mom allowed me to do whatever I wanted after school: math, English, economics, and if I was lucky, quantum physics.  Being an only-child, impersonating all Sailor Warriors by myself was my favorite After School program. 

I started my career as a Japanese style comedian, and a few years later, decided to pursue a standup comedy career. During my journey, I gained experiences as bilingual MC, actor, narrator, and speaker... and finally found my own “voice.”

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1 .The 3-Seconds Future -Mental Health

Kilara shares simple steps that helped her overcome long–periods of depression and live healthily both mentally and physically.

2 .Jumping to a New Environment -Diversity

Studying at Hampton University, a Historically Black College, was a turning point for Kilara. Using her real experiences and examples of “aha moments” from her global travels and cultural exchange, Kilara offers the importance of thinking out of the box, especially when you feel stuck.

3. How Not to be Someone’s Waifu - Human Rights/ Women Empowerment

Regardless of your gender, your values are created by your own story and experiences. While looking back on when she was trying to play the “role” of female talent in Japan- a “good wife”, Kilara shares the importance of valuing your own story.

The show was amazing, Kilara arrived ahead of time, so we were able to set up the stage and have a flawless performance. The students loved the show, she was able to flawlessly get the crowd to laugh at her jokes, she is a wonderful comedian. And as far as I am aware there were no issues. - William Inzer, Coffeehouse Chair, Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO

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