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Ryan Stream

RYAN STREAM is a highly esteemed motivational speaker, Musician, American Soldier and Instructor with a heart that pumps passion and positive change.  He is extremely funny, outgoing and entertaining while providing a positive message about the life we each get to live. His audiences are involved and uplifted by his astounding presentation!

He also sings county music and motivational rap while sharing his music videos which have been seen by several million thanks to his social medias. Ryan recently signed a contract with Broadcast Music, INC. (BMI) for distribution and royalties of his music. He has also had the privilege to open for different celebrities, and has been featured in fitness magazines, Military Valor magazine, local news stations, newspapers and on radio talk shows.

His passion is to entertain and motivate youth and adults to have a better perspective on life. It can be a tragic story or a positive story of overcoming challenges. The story of your life is a result of the choices you make.

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Mental Health / Mental Strength – It’s OK to tell someone, to talk about what you are going through.  Seeking health is a strength, not a weakness.  Ryan combines the characteristics of people who are mentally healthy with his personal life and how they have played an important in his life.  He will provide the students with what they need to be mentally strong.

                    What is good mental health?

1.                   The ability to learn.

2.                   The ability to feel, express and manage a range of positive and negative emotions.

3.                   The ability to form and maintain good relationships with others.

4.                   The ability to cope with and manage change and uncertainty.

Suicide Prevention - If we can understand the issues concerning suicide and mental health, this is the most important way to take part in suicide prevention, helping others in crisis, and changing the conversation around suicide. Ryan uses his Military training to focus on the importance of teamwork and the buddy system.

                    Knowing the warning signs.

1.                   Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live.

2.                   Talking about being a burden to others.

3.                   Sleeping too little or too much.

4.                   Withdrawing or isolating themselves.

5.                   Extreme mood swings.

The other Speaking / Teaching Topics Ryan offers are:

  • Living Drug Free
  • Discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Physical Strength
  • Pride
  • Communication
  • Service
  • Leadership


Ryan did a great job for us. This was the prefect program of our event.  He has a gift of connecting with our students. - Arlene A. ASUU Programming Advisor, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 

Mr. Stream is the best. He is so personable and relatable. Even with a couple of changes in our plans (the weather was awful) Mr. Stream was able to jump right in and keep the audience engaged, entertained, and encouraged. Couldn't ask for a better keynote speaker! Thanks!  Amanda M., Community Event Chairwoman, Green River, UT

Ryan Stream is a wonderful motivational speaker, he was energetic and able to engage our clientele. Ryan was able to share his personal story to relate to our Youth in Custody program (YWEC) and inspired them to make positive life goals and changes. Ryan was personable and took the time to talk with the youth we serve. I highly recommend Ryan Stream and his inspiring motivational speeches and music. Ryan opens the door for conversations on many hard topics such as foster care, adoption, PTSD, and substance abuse. Ryan teaches through his own inspirational story and music the power of positive thinking.  Tara H., Youth Leader, Ephraim, UT

I honestly could not be more impressed with Ryan Stream! He communicates in an efficient and timely manner. He arrived early and stayed late in order to give his undivided attention to each and every student who wanted to talk to him. He connected with our large student body (over 1300) in a way I've never seen before and inspired us all with his phenomenal story of resilience, perseverance, courage, and hope. He kept us all engaged by relating his experiences in a real, authentic, vulnerable way. Our auditorium was filled to overflowing with Ryan's love for life and contagious hope and enthusiasm. We had a truly incredible day with him!  Melissa L., School Assembly, Eagle Mountain, UT

Ryan did an amazing job. Our students swarmed the stage to talk to him and get pictures taken after his presentation. He had over 500 high school students engaged for a full hour. Ryan was motivating and inspiring. His message and music resonated with our students. I would highly recommend him for your next school assembly.  Arlene A., School Assembly,  Salina, UT

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