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Wally Saukerson
Direct: 615-824-8453
Toll Free: 800-476-0442

Territories: Southeast and South Central U.S. | North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas
The man behind it all, Wally has made his dream of quality performers for affordable prices a reality within the college market. After years spent with the William & Morris agency and touring as a mandolinist and booking agent in his own band, Wally is familiar with all aspects of the musician/booking spectrum. Wally is an excellent cook and is the number one reason for weight gain amongst his employees (i.e. Thursday is soup day and Friday is burrito night.) Essentially, it is Wally's marriage of fun, solid business relationships, and the “Wally Way,” that has not only created an agency, but given Wally quite a ride.  Wally has received the Life Time Membership Award as well as the Founders Award by the old Upper Midwest Region, which is now known as the Northern Plains Region.  Through the years Wally has twice serve on the NACA Board of Directors.

His Hipness
Territories:  He marks new ones each day, so beware.

His Hipness comes to us by way of Venezuela.  From a loving master no longer able to care for him.  The office welcomes His Hipness and we have slowly been teaching him English and he has taught us some Spanish.  We all have become great amigos and greets everyone with a smile and jumps for joy as he meets so many friendly people here.

Maintenance, Volleyball

You may recognize our house guest and maintenance man "Wilson" from his starring role in 2000's box office smash, Castaway, co-starring Tom Hanks. Tired of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and ready to re-invent himself in the world of country music, Wilson made the long journey to Nashville. Starting from the California coast, Wilson made his way through the Panama Canal, past the Gulf of Mexico, up the Mississippi River, and over to Old Hickory Lake where he came upon Wally's World. The journey was visibly taxing on the aging movie star, and Wilson has yet to begin work on his new album, "More Than a Volleyball." Until then he's helping us out any way he can.

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