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Ben Miller, Stand Up Science

BEN MILLER is an NYC based scientist turned comedian who has been working on his comedy for the past 6 years. In that time, he has performed at all the top clubs in the city such as Broadway Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, Eastville, Caroline’s, and The Stand. In addition, he has performed in the New York Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, and Ithaca Comedy Festival. He is currently ranked as the top roast battler in NYC. He has a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Columbia University, has been a teacher on a science bus, and diffused a few bar fights while on stage. His jokes are sharp and self-deprecating, and he once called “one of NYC’s best pound-for-pound joke writers” which isn’t saying much considering how little he weighs. In 2022, Ben Miller's debut hour, Stand-Up Science, had a completely sold-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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09/30/23 7:00pm Huntsville, AL
10/09/23 7:00pm Indianapolis, IN
10/12/23 12:00pm New York City
10/20/23 12:00pm APCA Showcase Houston, TX
10/21/23 8:00pm Fort Worth, TX
10/22/23 9:00pm Austin, TX
10/27/23 9:00pm San Antonio, TX
11/02/23 9:00pm Las Cruces, NM
11/03/23 8:00pm Albuquerque, NM
11/12/23 8:00pm Boston, MA
12/09/23 8:00pm Phonrnix, AZ
12/10/23 6:00pm San Diego, CA
12/14/23 8:00pm Los Angeles, CA

Everything went really well with Ben. There was a very positive reaction to his show. Ben and I were able to have advance contact He arrived earlier than I was expecting him to, and he was really easy to work with. There are no concerns with Ben, I think he did an excellent job and I would recommend him to others because I believe that his performance was phenomenal. - William Inzer, SAB Entertainment Chair, Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO

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