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Luke LeBlanc

LUKE LeBLANC is a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter who delivers dynamic original performances of songs filled with heart, soul, and grit. LeBlanc releases his third full length album, Only Human, summer 2021. The album, one of those instantly memorable records with a warm, loose, and comfortable vibe, is poised to cement LeBlanc as a new singer-songwriter to watch.

This fall, Luke will be returning to the college circuit, touring around the country.  After spending this past year did Virtual shows and a few live shows, he’s excited to get back on the road again and see old friends as well as making new friends around the country.

His music has been featured on 89.3 the Current and has received critical acclaim, including from Bluegrass Situation, Americana Highways, and Glide Magazine. He has also been featured in numerous podcasts, including The Bob Cesca Show, 13th Floor MusicTalk with Marty Duda, and Tales from the Corners with Robert J Nebel, and Vinyl Writer Music.

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Luke’s show was our homecoming coronation, and a reception that went to ceremony upon introduction of the Royalty Court.  All ages, parents, siblings, roommates, boyfriends, girlfriends, and student organization members who sponsored their candidates.  He was very well received, particularly when the audience was seated, during his second set, to perform to them.  Luke was what we were looking for at this special occasion event.   Scott Ewing, Assistant Director, Student Activities, Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, MN 

 Luke’s livestream event went really well.  Luke was great, everyone really enjoyed when he interacted with the comment/chat section throughout the concert. He was online at the agreed time and the video worked well.   There were not any technical issues throughout the night. Students seemed to enjoy it and share the link with others, our highest number of views in the night for the first virtual concert at St Kate's is a good turn out. Grace Brunstad, Pulse Live Coordinator, Saint Catherine University, Saint Paul, MN

Luke was phenomenal and there were zero problems!  He was so easy to work with and flexible.  The nice thing was he did stay after and talk with students. - Erich Heppner, Director of Student Life, Central Lakes College, Brainerd, MN

I wanted to reach out and thank you for such an amazing performance today, 1/16/2020, at St. Cloud State University. The students and staff had nothing but great things to stay about your performance! We really appreciate your flexibility and your bravery for facing the cold Minnesota weather! - Jenny Jedlicka, Graduate Assistant- Program Adviser, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN

Luke was amazing and super easy to work with. His sound check went flawlessly and he was embraced by our staff as one of our own. Incredible guy and would love to work with him again soon!  The students really loved it. Luke is an amazing performer and even better person. Very delightful and I will definitely be recommending him to others and to future NDSU coordinators. Thanks Wally, let's work together again soon! - Greg Cramer, Concerts Coordinator / Campus Attractions, NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY, Fargo, ND

Everything went very well. Luke got to be essentially our ambiance music as students flowed through the hallways. It was really nice because it’s an extremely stressful time of year for staff, and intimidating for students. I definitely am looking for time to bring back Luke. Thank you, Brian Yingst, Director of Student Engagement, South Central College, Mankato, MN

HE was great!  We love him very much.  Great to work with and arrived on time (even a bit early).  Thanks for including us in having him on campus!  Always the best Wally!   Kari Stricklin, Director of Student Center & Student Activities, Valley City State University, Valley City, ND

Luke was perfect!! Yes he was very appreciative of the hotel room the night before and very positive and wonderful to work with. I would love him again in the fall! He was great!!! Just wish there was more songs on his CD that I bought- love his voice and guitar picking. He was perfect for earth week, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  Was maybe the 1st artist I did not have to tell to turn it down a notch !! - Steve Krafcisin, Director of Student Activities, Des Moines Area Community College - Boone, IA

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