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Crescent Circus
The Crescent Circus delivers a fusion of international award winning magic, circus stunts featured on The Tonight Show and wildly interactive comedy. Make your students the stars of the show as their minds are read and they even get to FEEL the magic happen. With knives whirling through the air as performers balance on top of each other, doves appearing out of nowhere and costumes changing in a flash, The Crescent Circus has something for everybody. Always completely clean, put your audience on the edge of their seats with hilarious physical comedy and incredible demonstrations of balance and skill. Want to engage your students even more? Ask about The Crescent Circus workshops for basic hooping, juggling and magic skills!

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08/20/20 3:00pm Rapid City, SD South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
10/03/20 8:00pm Morgan City, LA
10/30/20 7:00pm Sugarland, TX
12/05/20 7:00pm Clarkesville, GA


Crescent Circus arrived early to check the room and set up and they were super easy to work with before and after the show!!  The students reacted well to the show and seemed interested throughout the whole show. The students that attended really enjoyed the show especially those that they interacted with. After the show, Crescent Circus was able to talk to many students which was great. I really enjoyed working with you and Crescent Circus! - Madison Green and Johanna "Jo" Mercado, Last Minute Productions, Department of Campus Activities, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC

It was a great event! We can never get students to stick around that long!! And thank you for spending some time with the students after the event. That meant a lot to them. Like I said, we will keep you in mind in the coming years. You both have a gift to draw people in and truly entertain. Thank you for coming to Springfield! Can’t wait to connect again! - Jacob Deters, Student Engagement Coordinator, Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield, IL

Crescent Circus was great as well! When the students amazed with the tricks for sure. Nathan was also very funny with his act so it got the students engaged and kept them engaged for the entirety of the show. Someone described some of the tricks and said their “minds were blown away especially with the bowling bowl trick”.  Sunita Nayani, Director Student Activities, Austin College, Sherman, TX  

 Crescent Circus was great. We had a nice crowd they all were impressed. Even the other faculty helping out that night were impressed. They were kind and completely cleaned up after themselves. Liz Warren – Suffield Academy – Suffield, CT

The Crescent Circus was fantastic! Nathan did contact me before the show, they were on time, and they were a pleasure to work with. The students are still talking about the show and absolutely loved it. There are no concerns that I could see or would have with bringing them back to campus or promoting them to other colleges. They truly held our audience’s attention for the full hour, offered a combination of laughs, gasps, and wondering minds. Thanks for working with us to bring them! We look forward to working with you on other events in the future!  Katie Cochran, Asst. Coordinator of Student Services, Lambuth Campus, University of Memphis, Jackson, TN

Crescent Circus was AWESOME! They were VERY easy to work with. Nathan walked around with me during morning breaks in classes and he did some magic tricks for the students and I advertised the show- I saw a number of the students we saw during the roaming magic at the 12:45PM show which is GREAT!  We will definitely have them back in the future. Thank you for your help in coordinating! I will be in touch with you about spring acts. - Tabitha Sherrell, Coordinator of Student Activities, Volunteer State Community College, Gallatin, TN

Everything went great with Crescent Circus, the students really enjoyed the show! We couldn't have asked for a better show and a better turn out! Thank you so much for checking in with us! - Nathaniel Wehr, Assistant Director of Student Life, Eastern Illinois University – Charleston, IL

The Crescent Circus performance were wonderful. It combined levels of comedy, magic, and physical agility in a manner I had never seen before. Their improv was impeccable, even joking when technical difficulties took place. I thought to response was fantastic. We had planned for a decent crowd, but quickly found ourselves adding many additional rows to accommodate the audience. Overall I enjoyed the performance a lot, and believe that everyone in attendance enjoyed it as well. - Claire Kirsch, CAB Representative, Mount Aloysius College Cresson, PA 

Thank you for helping us bring Crescent Circus to Penn State Harrisburg. It was well received and the performers were polite and professional. The students really liked the show and those helping with the event said it a good show. Have a fantastic day!  Hazel Flack-Barley, Campus Life and Intercultural Affairs – Penn State University Harrisburg, PA

On behalf of the Penn State Harrisburg's Program and Activities Committee, the Crescent Circus' performance was great! The students loved the magic that was performed and found the tricks to me amusing! The interaction with the students was also a great factor! They students found them to be very humorous! I am only hearing great things about the performance! Thanks for coming to Penn State Harrisburg's campus to perform! We greatly appreciated it!  Krystal Huber, Staff Assistant- Residence Life, Penn State University, Harrisburg, PA

Crescent Circus did fantastic. Not only were they a pleasure to work with and everyone in the audience (50 or 60 people) absolutely loved them and had a wonderful time. The show was really entertaining and the magic and tricks were a joy to watch.  Thanks so much again, and have a wonderful week! - Allie Lehaf,  Program Coordinator Ramapo College - Mahwah, NJ

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