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Paula Cortez

PAULA CORTEZ is an independent pop singer who has been performing all around Texas and parts of the United States since the age of 8. Born on the Southside of San Antonio, Texas, Paula loves integrating her Latinx heritage and experiences in her songwriting. By playing music, she hopes people could find genuine connections to the music she continues to play, and write. Along with her latest EP ‘Cereal,’ Paula recently released her debut album; ‘Ingredients‘this past year!  She continues to belt out her infectious blend of pop, and R&B, proving to be one of Texas’s most catchy upcoming artists!

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Paula’s homecoming show for us was very positive. She did a great job!  She arrived early and she is an amazing person.  Warm, accommodating, easy to speak to.  Paula was so approachable for the students after the show.  She took the time to speak with them and answer all their questions.  Hilary Kofron, Director, Student Life, University of Houston-Victoria, TX

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