Amy Schwartz

Anitra Jay

Ashley Cobb

Ben Miller, Stand Up Science

Bill Miller

Brett Wiscons

Crescent Circus

Cody Clark

Darian Hernandez

Dylan Taylor

Glen Tickle

Gracie Yates

Gustavo Moradel’

Johnny Rockett

Juan-Carlos Piñeiro

Kilara Sen

Luke LeBlanc

Malissa Sanon

N8, the Adventuring Magician!

Paula Cortez

Ryan Stream

Shireen Amini


Tristan Miller

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What are Wally Deals?
Wally Deals are an economical way to present the best new artists that the music community has to offer. We are often questioned when we offer to book an artist for only room and board or when we ask a school to give us their best offer. The money is not necessarily the most important reason these artists want to play your campus.

Where do these artists come from?
Most of them find us. Wally has devoted his career to Artist Development and the managers and labels he has worked with over the years know this. Now that he has returned to the college market, these very people are contacting us. Through well-established relationships with campuses across the country, by consistently providing high quality talent at reasonable prices, often, new talent comes from the campuses themselves, through the recommendations of staff professionals.

Who are these artists?
Artists with proven audience appeal from pop to rock to worldbeat to contemporary folk. High quality musicians that are up and coming in the music industry. They have support from strong career teams like management companies or publishing companies that enable them to break in the mainstream markets.

How much do they cost?
The majority of our acts are $1,500 or less. Depending on blocks and routing, talent fee can be as low as $500. The exception being our performance/lecture artists.

Why are they so inexpensive?
Compared to other college talent, there many reasons. The most important is volume. Our artists would rather play five colleges for $750 rather than two colleges for $1,500. This is a win - win situation for everyone. The artists realize that playing a school results in exposure. Our artists’ goal is not to make a career out of playing colleges; they want to establish a fan base that will follow them for years to come as they move up and into major venues.

When can I book them?
Anytime! We will most likely have at least one act touring your area in any given time frame throughout the year, including the summer months.

Why should I book them?
By taking advantage of Wally Deals, your college can be known for presenting high quality artists without breaking your budget. Therefore, you can present them more often. These artists want and need the exposure only you can provide them. By booking Wally’s artists, you can now present the best up and coming artists in the country. There is no other company, nor has there ever been, that can present these opportunities to you.

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