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Wally's World Entertainment is an outstanding example of a boutique agency that is small enough to really care about and be connected with their customers but still large enough to accommodate their entertainment needs.

As one of the most value-oriented music agencies out there, Wally's World has a unique entertainer to match just about any genre of music your students might like to see, or any that you would like them to see for that matter.

"We are a music specific agency that was founded in 1997," says Kelly "House" Junker. "Wally personally has been involved in campus activities for 30 years this year, dating back to his days in the Red Willow Band in South Dakota. Since then, he has worked with various agencies, but has always been involved with this industry and this market in some capacity."

The focus of the roster of Wally's World Entertainment is generally on coffeehouse and smaller acoustic shows for various venues and colleges. "We also have a couple of bands on the roster, but the general concept is to take young and fresh artists just out of school and nurture them to help build a fan base. We have found the college market and the fans therein to be very loyal and will usually stay with an artist for life once they become a fan. It is a great way for them to build a foundation for their career."

"We sort of call ourselves a music driven agency," comments George Hornick. "I think we are one of the few agencies out there serving only colleges and handling only music, whereas many of the other entities in the marketplace handle comedy, novelty and various other forms of entertainment. I think this gives us a unique insight and specialty in what we do. We have managed to carve out quite a niche by staying true to music only, with mainly singer/songwriters."

One of the major benefits to schools in using Wally's World Entertainment for music purchases is that they are able to save significantly from what many other agencies offer. "That is sort of our M.O. We are able to pass the savings on to the schools when we have artists that are hungry to play as many shows as possible. Most of the people we represent are interested in playing their music, not trying to get rich. They want to do more volume because the more shows that they play, the better they get at what they do and the more they can hone their skills. That allows us to go to town so to speak on booking college shows. This allows us to keep our prices down and opens the entertainment options up to a lot of schools that otherwise couldn't afford live entertainment for their students."

Another specific skill that makes the guys at Wally's World especially adept at offering affordable entertainment options to a variety of college campuses is their incredible ability to be masters of routing. "We do a lot of routing, it's a rarity that we actually do isolated situations, or one-offs as they call them," House says. "They do happen of course, but we work really hard to route these things because it turns into a win-win. The artist gets to play more shows with less travel and the schools get a better deal."

Another aspect of keeping the shows they provide as economical as possible is the thought of providing schools more diversity in entertainment. "At the lower performance fee, we hope we can allow schools to present more than one artist throughout the semester to their students, because we understand
music is so subjective. There are so many different tastes out there, whereas with something like comedy, humor is a little bit more universal.
With schools that are just starting to do music we would like to see them host more than one artist and give it a try as opposed to passing on it after one show where they might not have gotten a good turn out. Hopefully by keeping the talent cost low, we allow schools to try multiple artists throughout the year and build the program as they go along. If there is one thing most of the schools and administrators want to get out of their entertainment buying, it is for it to be a learning experience for the students while they build their programs booking these shows and figuring out what works and what doesn't. That has always been a goal here, to kind of educate through the process and help the students in all the ways we can."

BOOK IT! For more information on booking the high quality yet affordable options from Wally's World Entertainment, contact them at 800-476-0442. For virtual links and samples of media from their great artists, check out our website at

Wally's World of Entertainment is a booking agency for musical artists who believe the college market is the foundation of their career. The company was founded in 1997 by Wally Saukerson, a twenty year veteran of the entertainment industry, and relationships based on honesty and mutual respect have resulted in equally great rapport with clients and performers over periods of many years of commitment and cooperation.

Wally Saukerson's involvement with NACA began in 1976 as a performer playing colleges and showcasing at the 1978 NACA National Convention. Since then he has accumulated two terms on the Associate Member Advisory Council, Regional Leadership Team member for the Upper Midwest, Heart of America, Wisconsin and is a current member of the Illiana RLT.

In 1987 Wally was presented the Founders Award and the Lifetime Membership Award by the Upper Midwest. It was also in 1987 that he left the Midwest and headed to Nashville, TN where he would spend the next ten years working at becoming a national agent. He left the William Morris Agency in 1996 to explore the feasibility of opening his own agency.

He brought with him 20 year relationships with managers, label presidents, agents, artists, and other music industry executives, convincing them that the college market is necessary for building a career foundation for their new artists. The college benefits by having the best new talent available at such low talent fees. The artist benefits by gaining exposure and building a grassroots following that stay throughout their musical career.

Today we have Wally's World of Entertainment. You may hear Wally say,"We're the Wal-Mart of college tours!" That's because the prices are low everyday, not just a few times a year. It might be funny, but Wally likes to have fun!

Wally's World of Entertainment is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity, non discrimination and the celebration of cultural diversity.
- Provide a Stress-Free Environment. Remembering that your needs come first and it is our job to make your job easier. Working with a group of people who chose this career because of their genuine love of music, who never forget the power of music and whose desire is to be the catalyst for sharing that passion with others.
- Creatively Driven. Drawing on our years of experience and knowledge to maximizing your program planning while emphasizing artist development and successful programming.
- Deal with Issues Realistically. Commitment to offer authentic, honest answers to questions that challenge us.
- Goal Oriented. We will take the time to completely understand everyone’s goals and work together to achieve those goals as efficiently as possible.
- Utilizing Technology. We will advocate, support and use the development of technology which facilitates and permits us to communicate better.
- Dedicated to Making a Difference. Setting new standards in the college market by continuing to deliver quality artists at the lowest possible price and by working with artists that have a message that will add educational value to each performance.

"To Love What You Do, And Feel That It Matters,
How Could Anything Else Be More Fun?"

Thanks for being so flexible! You guys are great and that's why we love workin' with ya!
Kevin Parkinson, University Program Board Chair - Illinois State University

This year we scheduled two artists through Wally's World of Entertainment. The website is great to listen to the artists' and it allows you to get an idea of what type of entertainment is available. As a Christian college we were especially pleased with the content and quality of the music. Thanks Wally's World of Entertainment for helping us provide affordable and incredible entertainment for our students.
Brent Brockmueller Co-Director of Activities, Hesston College, KS

It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks for all of the help and programming. The last two years of programming are widely considered the best ever at Peru State and you were big part of that." Bryan Lee, Director of Student Programs - Peru State College

"I really enjoyed working with you and Wally. It's nice to work with an agency that has integrity and is honest and forthright in their dealings with their talent and with the schools!! Keep up the great work!!" Lesley Frederick, Waukesha County Technical College

"The performance was wonderful; I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from those at the show. I'd also like to extend a special thanks to you for all of your help during this process. It was the first time I had planned a musical performance on my own, and I look forward to working with Wally's World again in the future." Jesica Berndt, Programs Assistant - University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

"WOW - Ryan Adcock was fantastic! Our students loved it - they have been extremely pleased with the entertainment you have passed our way this year. Is there a way I can help promote these musicians - - do you need letters, etc? Just let me know - we have been very pleased!" Robin Brown, Director of Student Activities - Tusculum College (TN)

"I am so happy that Wally’s World is willing to work with our CAB on prices. You are a pleasure to work with and we appreciate doing business with you. You are considerate of our price range and send us emails that are easy to understand with detailed info and leave it at that. I love it! I wish more people would work the way you do." Tammy Millermon , Coordinator of Student Activities - McHenry County College (IL)

"George, I wanted to personally thank you for your support, ideas, and encouragement with our 9th annual Spring Splash. You truly went far and above what I would have expected from another agency and by doing this, Spring Splash 99 was the most successful in the event's nine year history." Ami Sandler, Director of Concerts - University of California, Riverside

"The time you take and the patience you have with my students is priceless. You provide them with a great education and they are able to present more shows because you keep your prices so low!" Laura Boren, DSA - Northeast State University (OK)

"Thanks for arranging for our concert committee to spend the day; from load in to load out, meeting with the production manager, the tour accountant and hanging with Brooks & Dunn. It was the most educational, entertaining and rewarding experience they could have had!" Eric Buschlen, Concert Committee Advisor - Saginaw Valley State University (MI)

"Guys, it is always fun to work with you both. Your reputations as fun personalities always makes dealing a joy! We are looking forward to great performances and future opportunities to work together." Anthony Gilley, Advisor - U of TN at Martin

"I wanted to thank you again for your flexibility and understanding in changing the date was greatly appreciated. I have often said that what happens off the stage is just as important or more so that what happens on stage." Ken Waldrop, DSA - Lander University (SC)

"Not only are you guys great fun, your artists are talented, wonderful to work with, and so inexpensive. Not sure how you do it, but keep'em comin' our way before the rest of the college world finds out." Bennie Beach, DSA - Western Kentucky University

"Your knowledge, experience and understanding has helped make my first year more rewarding than I ever expected." Yvonne Canada, DSA - Saint Mary's College (CA)

"Now that I am at a much smaller school and we do not have the big budget like I had at the University of Florida, you have presented us with opportunities I thought were only available to major universities. Thanks of taking care of the little guy and working with our limited budget." Russ Froman, Dean of Students - Mars Hill College (NC)

"I am thrilled to know that once again I can have my students and staff deal with an agency and know that you will treat them like family. It's not only great for my students and the college market as a whole, but I can rest assured that my students are in good hands when they're dealing with you. Welcome Back Wally!" Sandy Olson Loy, DSA - University of Minnesota, Morris

"Kudos to Wally's World! Only 2 weeks away from our Spring Festival '98, and our band canceled, you immediately had an act available at half the price and I got a contract and publicity in the mail two days later! Thanks to you, the day went off without a hitch!" Steve Bruce, DSA - University of Alabama, Huntsville

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