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88 Keys and The Truth
When you put two pianos, two exuberant performers, and a thousand songs together you’ll experience the most fun one person is allowed to have - an 88 Keys & the Truth concert. Ladies and gentlemen, as we begin our takeoff, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position and your seat belt is securely fastened. Andrew Varner and Matty Monk are the performing madmen that make this all possible. Engaging, interactive, funny, and both multi-instrumentalists, these two pull out all the stops to keep the crowd moving, laughing, and dancing with well over a thousand songs to boot.  You name it; The Beatles, Sinatra, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Nirvana, Lada Gaga, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg… Yes, Snoop Dogg - they do it all. And both being singer/songwriters in their own right, they might even throw in a couple of their own songs for good measure.

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I just wanted to first of all say that your performance last week at the GSU event was amazing. The students really loved 88 Keys of Truth. Your group definitely added a lot to our event , and we appreciated your cooperation and professionalism. It was truly a pleasure working with you and we look forward to doing business in the future.  - Chauncey Walker, Spotlight Chair, Georgia State University

Hey George, 88 Keys was great below I attached a link to pictures that were taken during the event, all the faculty, staff and students loved it we had around 200 people between the two shows and as you will be able to see by the pictures the pub isn’t that large of a space so it was a very good turn out.  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3ljdxnc268sqb6m/SBBTrzOTDH - Bartholomew J. Kallgren, Student Union Graduate Assistant , Sacred Heart University

Dude!  Amazing suggestion on these guys -- the students LOVED 88 Keys and the Truth to the point that the rising senior class has already laid claim to having them back next year.  My boss loved them to the point she wants them back for Welcome Week and loves the idea of having them here for Homecoming too.  Thanks, they were amazing, easy to work with, and delivered 150% of what we expected! - John Gallagher, Director of Student Involvement, Merrimack College

88 Keys was AWESOME! The students loved them and loved the covers. They were perfect for the Friday Night Jams. They were so nice and so easy to work with!! (:Thanks George! - Samantha Stevens, CAB – Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT

We have heard great reviews from the 88 Keys and The Truth show last night and the attendance was fantastic for us.  Students, staff, and the public who attended really enjoyed the show and wanted to know what our next event was going to be.  One of the staff members who attended sent me a great email : "Jen - I'm not sure where or how you found this group, but BRAVO!!.....We enjoyed ourselves tremendously last night.  What a talented bunch!!...Keep bringing people like that in.  If people didn't attend, they honestly do not know what they missed!  It was FANTASTIC!!"  Not my quote, but one of the staff members who was in attendance.  All in all, another good night!  Let me know what else you have coming my way. - Jen Boben, SSS Advisor & Activities, Hibbing Community College, MN

88 Keys and the Truth were an amazing event on our campus. We had over 200 people show up, and they kept the crowd dancing and singing along for their entire set. Even when they got requests for songs they weren't quite familiar with, they were usually able to play the songs flawlessly, sometimes adding their own unique twists. Not only were they funny and talented, but they were also super flexible and easy to work with. We would highly recommend them for any college campus. - Kevin Kickham, SAB Music Committee, Truman State University - Kirksville, MO

88 Keys was great on Friday night. They arrived in plenty of time, and the students loved them. We didn’t have a very large turn out, but the guys were great about it. We would love to have them back sometime on a week night when we may be able to get more students to come. Thanks for recommending them.  -  Jenny Bell, Coordinator of Student Life Programs, University of Montevallo, AL

88 Keys and the Truth were great! I sent out a campus-wide email with general Homecoming week information, and just threw in a survey for people to request songs in advance.  Matty and Andrew learned 12 songs or so in the car on the way to the show. The audience really appreciated their improv and their ability to mix songs together and make a show out of their own interactions. The audience was up dancing by the end of the show.  The guys were great to work with.  We might be interested in have the duo back in the spring, for our new Commones Pub & Cafe. - Lacey Squier, Graduate Assistant for Student Programming,  Heidelberg University – Tiffin, OH  

I wasn't actually at this show, yet the students are already asking for them back and said the show was great, and the guys had great energy!  I did hear that Andrew and Matty were great and interacted with the students and took requests for songs and even performed an extra 30 minutes. - Ashley Williams, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Washington & Jefferson College, PA

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