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COMETRY is a charismatic duo that has created a new, art form that fuses comedy and spoken word.

COMETRY has developed two programs: the G.R.A.V. program and the L.I.P. program.

The L.I.P. program is stand-up comedy, improv, and spoken word woven together to keep audiences engaged, laughing, and considering social issues. COMETRY facilitates comedy (and interactive student improv) that is clean and not at the expense of any individual.

G.R.A.V focuses on creating an environment where members get to experience the benefits of becoming a leader that others gravitate towards. Teaching one to lead others in a diverse world, all while laughing and learning. It's highly engaging, informative, and fun.

COMETRY frequently leaves impressions composed of inside jokes and shared memories that were born in the moment, live with the students, and are revisited on social media.

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COMETRY - Iggy and Chad were great! They were AMAZING! Our students had so many great questions after and I hope they've continued to reach out. Chad and Iggy were great and fun to work with.  Our staff asked our students via a survey "Did you enjoy COMETRY? Please explain why:" below are some of the responses (we had 58 but that seemed like a little much):

"Twas amazing! They were funny and relatable about the topics"

"Yes, I loved COMETRY because they are down-to-earth, solid people, who understand the importance of immersing into the world of other people. They are also very funny."

"Yes. Really funny and engaging"

"I loved it so much. I loved when the guys did the slam poetry."

"Yes, because they tackled what are seen as taboo subjects in a creative way and were true to themselves while doing it."

"YES. They were funny, educational, and had moments of seriousness. They were the perfect way to “wake up” this morning."

"Yes, I love hearing the speakers talk about the things they're passionate about. It gets me really excited about freshman year."

"YES!!!! I loved how it was the first thing that we could all actually relate to, and as much as I love OSU (go pokes) it was nice to hear about something that wasn’t related to it at all."

"Yes, I just liked how the made something that could be serious all the time & made it influential while having enough humor to keep me interested. I took so many notes on Chad’s advice for being a great leader!"

Thank you for working with us and helping make our first year putting on this conference amazing! We loved working with you and your team. If you need anything please let us know. - Vana Springer, Assistant Coordinator of Student Success for Leadership, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

Iggy and Andre were great! Our students loved the GRAV show. The combination of comedy and poetry brought laughter and thought provoking conversations. Through the G.R.A.V. show, our students gained a new perspective on how to create meaningful relationships with others. --Chris Stier, Student Activities Director, Casper College, Casper, WY

We had COMETRY on campus this past Saturday and they were awesome! There was a nice turnout as expected, they were well received and there were no issues to speak of.  The guys were kind enough to stay after the show and answer questions on the G.R.AV. Program - Amy Brockman, Director of Student Life, Southwestern Illinois College - Belleville, IL  

COMETRY were amazing! The performance was great, and their energy was through the roof! The students enjoyed the performances, and the awesome table conversations that they had with Chad and Iggy. It was Black Student Union’s first event and their introduction to campus, so how wonderful it was to have Iggy and Chad be a part of that very special night. It was an unforgettable evening where we all enjoyed delicious food, great entertainment, and time spent with good (and new) friends. Thank you, and please pass along our appreciation once again to Chad and Iggy and we hope to work together again sometime. - Shawna Clemente, Coordinator for Student Success, Mount Mercy University – Cedar Rapids, IA

It went really well, Chad and Iggy did a great job of educating the audience and interacting with them. They definitely opened the eyes of students as well as staff of how advertising affects our thoughts. They also were receptive to the audience by explaining information to them. It was a great experience. - Josh York, Director of Student Activities, Mid Plains Community College - North Platte, NE

Everything went very well. The poetry writing session was comprised of the poetry club, so yes they did meet each other. Iggy and Chad were great. The crowd really liked them. It was great to see how well poetry and comedy flowed together. The crowd really liked how the guys incorporated them into the show. If you want, search #wiucometry on twitter to see what the students said about the event. We have a live twitter feed projected onto the stage during our shows. Canaan Daniels, University Union Board Coffeehouse Coordinator, Western Illinois University - Macomb, IL

It’s all over campus that if anyone didn’t show, they missed an excellent performance. You both were fantastic and I would highly recommend you to anyone. Let me know when you are back in the area. I hope you enjoyed the lodging facilities… you deserve it!!! Jeannie Capranica, Diversity Center Program Manager, University of Illinois at Springfield – Springfield, IL Chad and Iggy are fabulous to work with, did a great job interacting with our students (both pre and post show too!), and were entirely engaging for their full performance. They are such "true" people and, of course, have a knack for making people laugh and think. We loved having them on campus and the student feedback we received has been equally as glowing. Krista Reince, Student Life Activities & Events Specialist, Northcentral Technical College – Wausau, WI

CoMeTrY was wonderful and Chad and Iggy, as always, were great to be around and work with. I noticed their skit was almost the same as last year so next year I think we might bring them in as our educational speakers. I know they both spoke about how they loved that part of entertaining as well. I know we will be bringing them back as they are just too wonderful not to!! - Jessica Hinrichs, Student Activities Specialist, Mid-Plains Community College – McCook, NE

We brought CoMeTrY back to the University of South Alabama because what you two do is amazing. The fusion of comedy and poetry is truly like nothing else I’ve seen in the college market. Students are taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions when they attend a CoMeTrY show and I think the ride is so beneficial to them. Giving someone the opportunity to laugh, cry, and have their mind opened all in one show is truly special and I don’t know of anyone else that could do it the way you two do. I will say it’s something that has to be experienced. Watching the videos will give you a taste, but being in the same space as you two, well, it’s something else. We're looking at how we can bring CoMeTrY back to USA again (for the 3rd time)! I think there will always be someone who can benefit from a CoMeTrY performance.- Heather Sprinkle, University Programs Coordinator, University of South Alabama

"I felt inspired not only as the coordinator of the event, but as an audience member, a university student, and a fellow human being. I had no idea how they would fuse comedy and poetry together, but let me tell you, they did it, and they did it incredibly well.”- L.J. , Diversity and Social Justice Coordinator, Colorado State University

CoMeTrY ROCKED! Had tons of students in an audience. They laughed, clapped, and had a blast. Several students stayed after to meet Iggy and Chad. They were more than early. Had a great time getting to know both of them further. Very easy to work with. Seemed like we were all old friends. Students loved the show and several wanted them to come back soon!- Maria Scafide, Director of Student Activities, Mississippi Gulf Coast College

"CoMeTrY is a dynamic duo that was highly effective at conveying the value of diversity in an engaging and memorable way. The thought provoking spoken word delivered by Iggy and the hilarious original stand-up comedy delivered by Chad was jam packed with educational content and moral substance. The students were all captivated by the fresh style in which familiar themes were presented and everyone seemed to be memorized by the rapid-fire dialogues, the rhythmic monologues, the funny short stories, the improvisational skits, etc. CoMeTry arrived about an hour early - meeting and greeting students as they trickled in. They were very agreeable and easy to accommodate. After assessing our equipment, they adjusted well to our setting. Students seemed to have a blast and several took the opportunity to chat with CoMeTry at the conclusion of the presentation. They were very approachable and personable with students. I believe that CoMeTry stirred the conscience of those who were in attendance. Their natural ability to build rapport with the audience and the passion that they each radiated through the room caused them to hit a home run!"- Morton Perry, Student Life, Florida State College Jacksonville

"I would definitely recommend CoMeTrY to another school. CoMeTrY is a presentation that brought great entertainment to our campus while incorporating diversity. What stood out to me was the passion Chad and Iggy showed while performing."- Cynthia Juraidini, Arts and Entertainment Coordinator, Student Association for Campus Activities, Texas State University

As a small school, we don't have a lot of funds so booking an act is always a gamble. In this case of CoMeTrY, it was absolutely money well spent. Iggy and Chad are easy-going, professional, and timely which makes working with them simple and stress free. Most importantly, the students found them engaging, entertaining, and relatable. We will most definitely be having them back, and I encourage anyone and everyone to book them if you are looking for a great blend of creativity, education, and entertainment. - Ashlie Daigle, Director of Student Involvement, CentenaryCollege, LA

"The performance was great! CoMeTrY did well with connecting to the audience. I know the students in attendance enjoyed themselves and our students are normally a rough crowd." - Andrew Davis, Coordinator for Student Life, Leadership,Engagement, Park University, Kansas City, KS

"Iggy and Chad were extremely easy to work with, were passionate about what they do and put on a fantastic show. They were able to go with the flow and adapt when they needed to. It was easy to tell how much they each cared about their craft and putting on a quality performance. It was a pleasure working with CoMeTrY "- Jason A. Chapman, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Southwestern University

"Very professional. On time. Good crowd for a cafeteria show. Several students waited after to talk with them. The material was appropriate for the crowd and atmosphere. They were both delightful to meet." - Sonya Edwards, Students Activities Director, Mississippi Gulf Coast College, Gautier, MS


***This year, CoMeTrY was selected as the keynote speakers for all five of the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Regional Conferences in Texas. Their ability to educate and entertain made CoMeTrY the best choice for this Student Leadership organization.

THOUGHT PROVOKING ENTERTAINMENT SESSION A day or week of classes and exams can be stressful. CoMeTrY provides College Activities Boards with an opportunity to inject a 45-60 minute break of entertainment with a positive message into any college campus or finals week!

EDUCATIONAL SESSION For 1 hour we educate, our chalkboard just happens to be comedy and poetry. We want students to be the type of people/leaders that others naturally gravitate towards.

G.R.A.V. is the acronym we use to convey four values we believe apply to all sorts of skills necessary in leadership, diversity appreciation, bully prevention, etc…
GRAV: Growth – Getting outside your comfort zone is one of the best ways to grow. We believe most learning and growth happens while outside of your comfort zone so we engage students in activities that allow them to experience the feelings of being outside of their comfort zone. Research – We use CoMeTrY pieces like “The Boy, The Myth, The Legend” (Michael Jackson) to exemplify the value of making the effort to learn about others in order to understand them. Once we begin to understand others, we have the opportunity to begin down the road of true respect and appreciation. Approachability – Great leaders don’t only make the effort to research and understand the diverse community that is our world, they are approachable and open to others learning about them. Through comedy and poetry, we exemplify this value personally as we open up to students in order to show the connection that occurs when approachability is present. Validation - Every special leader has the ability to make others in their community/team better. We share the power of validation in its many forms and how students can use present day tools, like texting, to enhance the abilities and confidence of their peers.

POETIC PRACTICE (WRITING WORKSHOP) Poetic Practice is an inspirational writing and performance workshop. Poetic Practice will empower your students with a full range of skills in the art of writing and performance poetry. Our goal is to not only show, but teach students how their imagination is boundless. Learn how to utilize writing techniques to extract your emotions, expressions, questions, perceptions, and more. Students will participate in a 90 minute workshop that:
• Utilizes a “See, Hear, Do” teaching method to develop any student (with no experience) into a writer and performer
• Shares creative writing prompts that effectively trigger the imagination • Identifies successful performing techniques and habits
• Discovers how stage presence is transcendent in the physical language we communicate with everyday. Converting literal text into a visual art; transforming from the page to the stage
** Workshop will include a short performance by CoMeTrY if booked in unison with a CoMeTrY session Hoops for Hope Chad has lived for short periods of time on 3 separate occassions in South Africa and has worked with refugee women and children from all over Africa during his stays. He also works with a group called Hoops for Hope that provide kids from the townships a safe haven to participate in sports and stay off the streets. Iggy is a native of Zambia Africa and if you would like them to speak about their stories during a mission class or convocation, they would be available to do so during their visit.

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