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Shaniah Paige
SHANIAH PAIGE brings the fire to her acoustic shows fusing her cross genre indie country & pop that her fellow college students can identify with. A college student herself and a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma - Alpha Chapter this rising star has been performing from the Midwest to the east and makes regular appearances in Nashville. Music Row Charting Station Renegade Radio Nashville has named her one of their featured artists for 2017 alongside Miranda, Toby, Big & Rich and Trace Adkins. Shaniah has been nominated for five Hollywood Music and Media Awards for her clever songwriting, she brings her life to the lyrics which always makes for an authentic and sometimes quirky and fun song. Shaniah says, "I love performing covers as well and watching my audience reaction to how I make them my own". Shaniah always brings the fun to her shows and makes her audience a very interactive part of the Shaniah Paige Experience.

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Shaniah did a great job, Shaniah arrived about an hour prior to the performance and were very nice and easy to work with.  Audience response was great!  Shaniah handed out can coolers with her name on them and a postcard inside with her social media to the students.  We took many photos and I think they are on the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Facebook page.  Nice people!  Cindi Gilbert, Director of Student Activities, Anoka Ramsey Community College, Cambridge, MN

Shaniah was very good. The students were so receptive and are still talking about her performance.  She showed up on time and was really easy to work.  No problems at all and we would invite her back anytime.  Steve Krafcisin, Director of Student Activities, Des Moines Area Community College - Boone, IA

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