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The Queen and King
Caroline Shumate and Greg Graves are The QUEEN and KING. The pair, who met in their hometown of Houston, have been writing and performing together since. Both are multi-instrumentalists; Caroline has a background in drums and guitar, and Greg in guitar and bass. They toured together as members of Tyler Ward's backing band in 2014, playing shows across Canada, The United States, and Europe. It was upon returning from the tour that the duo decided to start their own group, and The Queen and King was born. 
Soon after forming The QUEEN and KING, the pair started releasing original covers of popular Billboard hits, helping them to blossom into their growing creative roles, while also establishing a relationship with their fans. Since then, The Queen and King's covers have accumulated 50+ million streams on Spotify. The duo have recently signed with Instrumental, a boutique label out of London.  

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08/25/17 6:00pm South Bend, IN - August 24-26
09/04/17 7:00pm Huntsville, AL September 1 to 5
09/07/17 9:00pm San Antonio, TX Saint Mary's University
10/13/17 11:00am Oklahoma City, OK NACA Showcase
10/28/17 6:00pm Richmond, VA October 27 - 29
11/03/17 12:00pm Hartford, CT NACA Showcase

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