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Acoustic Karaoke
ACOUSTIC KARAOKE started because John Rush was touring colleges playing music as the Human iPod (which he still does).  That is where the audience picks the songs for the whole show from his request books with over 75 hours of music in them that he sings and plays on the guitar.  With this show he has been College Entertainer of the Year and Musician of the Year!!
As he played shows he would occasionally get people up on stage to sing with him.  He found that people really love to come up on stage and sing!!
So he did a few shows where we promoted it as live karaoke to see if people really were interested, and they were hugely successful.  People love coming up to sing with their friends and it is so much more fun than normal karaoke because it is live music!!  It has all the energy of a live show!!  So he created ACOUSTIC KARAOKE!!
"Have you ever wanted to sing with the band? Now you can with Acoustic Karaoke!! We supply the sound, the lights, the microphones, the lyrics, and a world class acoustic guitarist/singer. You supply students who want to sing and have a great time!!
Are you a confident singer? Sing a solo while our musician backs you up on guitar. Are you little shy? Sing along while our musician leads the song and you sing with him. It's amazingly fun and really gets the students involved in the show because it lets them become the show!!"
Here’s how it works:

- John supplies a great sound system and lighting with 4 wireless microphones and the lyrics on a monitor.
- John puts out a sign up sheet where students write down their names and which songs they want to sing.
There are 4 ways to sing a song.  You can pick whichever way you like.
#1.  Pick a song from one of the books.  John will back you up on guitar while you sing a solo.
#2.  Pick a song from one of the books.  John will back you up on guitar and sing it with you.
#3.  Pick a song that’s not in the books.  John will play a karaoke version of the song while you sing a solo.
#4.  Pick a song that’s not in the books.  John will play the original song and mix the vocal track down so you can hear the original singer and know when to sing and which notes to sing, but your microphone is mixed in over the original vocals.

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Artist Rider

Official Website

09/18/19 11:30am Menasha, WI University of Wisconsin at Fox Valley
09/20/19 7:00pm Findlay, OH Findlay University
09/25/19 11:00am Sheldon, IA Northwest Iowa Community College
09/25/19 7:00pm Sioux City, IA Western Iowa Technical
10/02/19 8:00pm Kansas City, MO Avila University
10/03/19 8:00pm Fayette, MO Central Methodist University
10/05/19 8:00pm Hanover, IN Hanover College
10/18/19 12:00pm Clinton, IA Clinton Community College
10/19/19 7:30pm Naperville, IL North Central College
10/26/19 8:00pm Middletown, RI St. George's School
10/29/19 7:00pm Babson Park, FL Webber International University
11/01/19 8:00pm Sarasota, FL Ringling School of Art & Design
11/08/19 9:00pm Hartford , CT Trinity College
11/09/19 8:00pm Easthampton, MA Williston-Northampton School
11/12/19 7:00pm Glenville, WV Glenville State College
11/13/19 8:00pm Athens, WV Concord University
11/14/19 9:15pm Chambersburg, PA Wilson College
11/15/19 11:00pm Bloomsburg, PA Bloomsburg University
11/16/19 7:00pm Fairfield, CT Fairfield University
01/11/20 7:00pm Rochester , MI Oakland University
04/29/20 11:30am Sheboygan, WI University of Wisconsin
04/30/20 11:30am Cleveland, WI Lakeshore Technical College

We thoroughly enjoyed having John back on our campus and the students enjoyed it as well. He was once again a pleasure to work with, arrived in great time, and the students had a blast! HE WAS GREAT !!  Nadirah Z. Mayweather, Assistant Director of Student Involvement, GEORGIA COLLEGE, Milledgeville, GA 

Acoustic Karaoke was great and John arrived on time and was great to work with. He was very entertaining even before the show telling jokes while setting up. Students were a little slow to put themselves out there but John did great at getting them up there to sing. Once the first group broke the ice to sing then all the students put requests in for karaoke cheering loud and dancing too. John even added playing time so he could get in some last requests. His great performing ability and enthusiasm really created a great night for our students. - Chris Stier, Student Activities Coordinator, Casper College, Casper, WY

"We absolutely loved your performance and interaction with our students!!  We will look forward to having you back again next semester!!"  - Carol King, Student Activities Director, Wesley University

"We absolutely LOVED Acoustic Karaoke. I cannot believe how well that event went. He is so talented and fun and easy to work with. His performance was amazing and he is such a people person and was great at getting the students on stage and involved. We had a lot of people staying the whole length. In fact, John stayed a little extra because he wanted to play a few more songs and people were asking me over and over to let him stay (and of course I wanted him to as well!!). He was so great with everything we asked for him to do and put on an incredible show. Please, if any one needs a recommendation about him, let me speak to them, I’ve already started recommending him." - Sarah Wiederecht, Special Events Chair - Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT

"Acoustic Karaoke was great!! John was super easy to work with and very professional. The crowd of about 300 was very receptive. A few people came up after the show to tell John how talented he is and thank him for coming and being so interactive with everyone."-Tim Klobe, Greek Life Supervisor, Quincy University – Quincy, IL

"Acoustic Karaoke was awesome! The students loved it and once John started engaging them and students loved the fact they could get up and sing with him. I don’t think that everyone quite understood the talent that it takes to loop like he did. I’ve never seen anyone in person that did as good of a job as he did. Thank you so much for letting us experience that and we will more than likely be in touch with you soon about bringing John back!" - Rachel Bashor, Student Activities Coordinator, Mid Plains Community College – McCook, NE

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