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Small Time Napoleon is the combination of new ideas and old sounds. Their interest in the jazz standards of the swing-era shine through in their voices, writing, and playing, while their ear for new sounds and ideas constantly drives them forward. The product of this pairing is what Kyle Ware of Insider Louisville has called “a mad science blend of western swing, hot jazz and folk,” which is “already starting to gel into something wholly singular.”

The band have recently released their debut EP which has received positive feedback from listeners and critics alike. Laura Shine, Assistant Program Director/On-Air Host at Louisville’s own WFPK, says of the band, “Small Time Napoleon is poised for big time things. They are truly one of the most unique and exciting bands I’ve seen come out of Louisville in a very long time. Their music and instrumentation and vocals are exquisite!”

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03/03/18 6:00pm Scottsburg, IN Private Event
04/09/18 9:00pm South Dakota State University Brookings, SD
09/28/18 7:00pm Louisville, KY Private

Program Options: Ideas for Presenting Small Time Napoleon on your Campus

1.    A Small Time Napoleon performance. Small Time Napoleon can perform as a four-piece band ready for a classy jazz concert hall or a sweaty rock stage with full, swinging drums and a standup bass in addition to Dan and Jeff’s vocal harmonies and quick guitar stylings. If space or sound level is an issue, the band can play as a trio sans drums. This can lend itself to a slightly for intimate performance well suited for smaller stage shows and coffeehouse atmospheres. If intimacy is most desired or space is a premium, the duo can play sans drums and bass. As a duo, Small Time Napoleon is able to provide its most personal performance, allowing for easy setlist changes and more interaction with the audience due to the quieter nature of the duo.

2.    A Musical Lecture. The members of Small Time Napoleon hold degrees in Jazz Studies, Music Performance, and Music Tech. Their formal training, along with their real-world experience, affords the band the ability to talk with students and music fans alike about the inner workings of jazz theory, harmony, and technique along with valuable information regarding working as a band in the current economy.

3.    One-on-one workshops. Members of Small Time Napoleon are able to teach one-on-one lessons in standup bass, guitar, drums, voice, and songwriting. In addition to classroom environments, each member has experience teaching one-on-one and is able to provide unique insight to their instrument to students of any level interested in learning jazz, rock, pop, etc.

4.    Residency of varying lengths. Small Time Napoleon can offer their services in the form of a residency over varying spans of time dependent upon the university’s needs. In doing so, the band can combine any of the performance ideas above as well as work with the school’s staff to find an option that fits the class’s current areas of interest.

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